Welcome to divinity $GODS

Empowering decentralised finance through community-driven governance

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Launch date: October 26th 2023

Initial mc: 111$

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How it works?

DivinityDAO is all about community power. With a 8% tax on transactions, we allocate 1% to liquidity, 1% to NFT holders, 1% to Revshare wallet, 3% to marketing and 2% to our treasury.

The treasury is where it gets exciting. We invest in predefined crypto projects chosen through community polls on Telegram.

What's more, 50% of the profits generated will be distributed among holders with 0.5% or more of the supply through the revenue share wallet, while the remaining 50% goes back to treasury.

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Distributed revenue

Revenue share: 1.75 BNB

NFT rewards: 1.055 BNB

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Introducing DivinityDAO NFTs

Your Ticket to 1% Allocation! These unique NFTs grant you exclusive access to a 1% allocation from GODS token transactions. Join our exclusive NFT community and enjoy the direct rewards of this special allocation. Shape the future of DivinityDAO while reaping the benefits!

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Total supply: 1,000,000 GODS

Symbol: GODS

Tax: Buy - 8% / Sell - 8%


The liquidity of the token has been locked.

100% of LP locked on pinksale

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Why DivinityDAO


In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has transformed into a closed ecosystem, where a privileged few dictate the destiny of a token. This starkly deviates from the core principles of decentralization upon which the entire crypto landscape was founded.

DivinityDao aims to address the issue of centralization by constructing a framework that empowers the community to have genuine influence over the token's future. We set a precedent within the space for how projects should be governed with the active involvement of the community. However, it's crucial to note that we are in the meme coin realm until we successfully attain all the goals for authentic decentralization.

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DivinityDao Mission

Decentralize Governance

Establish a robust and fully decentralized governance model for the DivinityDAO community.

Expand Community Participation

Encourage and increase active community engagement within DivinitysDAO.

Educational Outreach

Educate and inform the wider crypto community about the principles and practices of decentralization.

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Phase 1


  • Launch DivinityDAO and GODS token.
  • Build a strong community through social media, Telegram, and other platforms.
  • Develop the DivinityDAO website.

Phase 2


  • Release DivinityDAO NFTs, granting holders 1% allocation.
  • Hold the first community vote for treasury investments..
  • Continue community engagement and educational initiatives.

Phase 3


  • Expand the DivinityDAO ecosystem with new products and features.
  • Foster partnerships with established projects to enhance the ecosystem.

A simplified DAO for all!


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